Tuesday, September 26, 2017

CT- In The Meadow

Snags using Hungry Hill's kit In the Meadow.
This is just one of the AMAZING kits Ali has as part of her By My Store sale at Mystical Scraps. You can get all of her kits for just $10!
All profits from the BMS will be divided between two charities: Autism Speaks and The American Diabetes Association.
You can purchase Alis's BMS at Mystical Scraps HERE:

Saturday, September 23, 2017

CT: Hungry Hill - Ghoulie Ghoul

Snags using Hungry Hill's kit Ghoulie Ghoul.  
This is just one of the AMAZING kits Ali has as part of her By My Store sale at Mystical Scraps.  You can get all of her kits for just $10!
All profits from the BMS will be divided between two charities: Autism Speaks and The American Diabetes Association.
You can purchase Alis's BMS at Mystical Scrap HERE

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hunni Bear

Snags using Hungry Hill's kit Hunni Bear. 

This is just one of the AMAZING kits Ali has as part of her By My Store sale at Mystical Scraps. 
You can get all of her kits for just $10! All profits from the BMS will be divided between two charities: Autism Speaks and The American Diabetes Association. 

You can purchase Alis's BMS at Mystical Scraps HERE

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

CT Timeline set for the amazing Hungry Hill using an adorable kit of hers called Hunni Bear.  This wonderful kit features the cutest bears, the love for honey and just being able to play.  You see them out enjoying a beautiful day and mama's cub wants to play and sneak some of that wonderful jar of honey.  Let's go see what else cub gets into but never fear, Mama Bear will always protect her cub!  You can purchase this kit here at Mystical Scraps.  Or even better you can get in on her incredible BMS deal at Mystical Scraps.  Unfortunately she has decided to retire from making and selling scrapkits, but she has put together a wonderful BMS where ALL proceeds go equally to 2 charities.  Check it out here, you do not want to miss out!  You can get all 41 kits in Mystical for just $10.

This entire set was made solely from the pretties in the kit, no tubes even.

Forever in my Heart

CT Tag for the amazing Hungry Hill, who is soon, sadly retiring from scrapkit making.  This is using a delightful kit called And Mondays which has a touch of sadness, for in every life, rain does fall, sometimes it seems that we get more rainfalls than there should be however no matter the rain storms that come in, it does not change the place that our loved ones have in our heart.  There is also a touch of vintage romance in this kit, which makes it a perfect one to use for multiple occasions.  You can purchase the kit here in Mystical Scraps, and be sure to check out the amazing BMS deal she has going on, as she is retiring she is giving the chance to get ALL of her kits in Mystical for a very low price, and even better the proceeds go to 2 charities.

I chose to use a wonderful tube by Jennifer Janesko, whose art tubes can be purchased at CDO here.

I also made this into a cluster frame freebie as well:

You can download my cluster frame, as well as a snaggable wallpaper on my blog here.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Adieu, my friends

More than a decade has flown by, and it's time to say farewell, my friends.   Hungry Hill is soon to be a fond memory.

It has been SO much more than a happy time - it's been a period where I learned both skills and some important life lessons, too.  I learned a great deal, all in all. I have learned that PSPLand can be a magical place, that gives selflessly of it's time and expertise. I value very highly the opportunities that I have been exposed to. I have learned more empathy for what it takes to be part of a large company, such as CDO - the strategic and financial planning that is required, and more knowledge of the industry, as a whole, for having been a part of such an amazing company.  I was proud to do my part in supporting the honor and integrity of CDO's vision. It was significant experience for me, and one from which I undoubtedly learned a great deal.  I have also been extremely proud and honored to be a designer for the Unsinkable Patty Beyer,  who is, simply, The Best, and ever more shall be so.

The past few years have reinforced the value of having a positive and enthusiastic group of co-workers, but that pales in comparison to what I've learned about having a great support team--creative team, in this case--and I have had The BEST.  Some few have come and gone, some few have been with me for the entire length of the haul...and all have earned their angel wings and places in my heart forever. I have been honored by them giving tirelessly of their time to enhance Hungry Hill. I have watched them support one another, and empower one another, and lift one another up. I have watched them grow along with me. I want to acknowledge that they have all played their parts in making my time in PSPLand  happier and more productive, and taught me everything I'll ever need to know about the meaning of friendship.
Lynne Ferdinando, who corralled, cajoled, consoled and congratulated us all as needed, in her capacity as my CT thanks can ever be enough, no praise quite loud enough, no admiration quite sincere enough, to express my never-ending gratitude to you, and love for you.  All I can say is thank you, my friend...thank you.

Also deeply appreciated are all the hours and loving attention my SOAM (Sister of Another Mother) Michele Gibson Riggsbee has put into both her CT work for the Hill and her dedication as our Blog manager, and also to Annemarie Weir, in her capacity as creator and administrator of the Hungry Hill Fan group, and her faithful willingness to cheerfully turn a hand to whatever needed done, day or night.

I also need to acknowledge just how much I have been shaped by my colleagues and friends who have been with me from the beginning.  This isn't the Oscars, so I'm not going to list everyone who has touched, taught, helped, and been my friend through this experience, or this would be unending...and goodbyes should be brief (yes, I already blew that, I know, lol!) What follows barely scratches on on the surface of all that I have learned over the years, but bear with me as I make mention of some things, please.

I have learned

-that it takes a group of very special people to commit to their jobs on a daily basis - even when the going gets tough - and believe me...we've all experienced that over the years.

-that beautiful things are created on a daily basis by an amazing group of skilled and talented individuals, who choose to be happy, and to make others happy with their talents.

-that if your computer is broken and you approach it mumbling under your breath with the odd uncensored word and a wet wipe, followed by a sharp kick to the hard drive, it will quite miraculously resume working.

-that peals of laughter are always the best part, of anything.

-that a cup of coffee in a private group with friends before the day starts, can make a huge difference - and can give you that much needed perspective.

-that I would have been absolutely useless at unraveling the mysteries of PSP, PS, or CS alone,  yet somehow it all became clear when the community embraced me....and so I learned to appreciate community, for the first time in my life.  Possibly the most valued and valuable lesson of all.

-that it is impossible to keep PSPLand drama free... BUT, incidentally, the computer-hard-drive-kick approach also works well here, too!

-and that I really do sincerely appreciate the respect that I was always treated with.

Finally, I have also learned that the only thing you should ever lie awake at night worrying about, is how you can best help others.

I am extremely grateful for the role that every single one in PSPLand has played in my life throughout the years - they have been happy, happy years.

Be good humans, okay?
With all my love,

Thursday, August 31, 2017

CT Its Only Love-mini

CT: Hungry Hill
Kit: Its Only Love
This beautiful kit full of pinks, reds and lots of love 
is available for purchase at Mystical Scraps here

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Autumn Glow - CT Timeline set

CT Timeline for the amazing Hungry Hill using a gorgeous autumn kit she has released at Mystical Scraps called Autumnglow which shows the beautiful glows of the autumn season.  The arrival of the fall season after a long, hot summer is the benefits we reap, the glorious colors are just simply unparalleled and are meant to be enjoyed as much as possible.  The falling leaves as they dance around you while you enjoy that stroll on a crisp autumn day and the peace you find in your surroundings as you soak in the beauty of the moment is worth waiting all year for the season!  You can purchase this kit at Mystical Scraps here exclusively.

There is pure magic in her kits, and this one was no exception, I decided to use with the amazing art of Jennifer Janesko, whose art tubes can be purchased from CDO here.

Monday, August 21, 2017

CT: Blaze

CT tag featuring the art of Verymany
using their Crow tube. I am also
showcasing the stunning scrap
Blaze by Hungry Hill.
Against the vibrant colors of fall,
the stark blackness of the crow pops.
Nature has been set ablaze with Autumn.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

CT Tag and Snags Cruise Mini

CT: Hungry Hill
Kit: Cruise Mini
This delightful kit is available for purchase at Mystical Scraps here

I paired this kit with Steve Baier's tube heavenbesideyou 5-1 available for purchase at Creative Design Outlet here

PTU Hungry Hills Designs - and Mondays

Sometimes you have one of those days, where you just can't seem to get it together.
Hungry Hill Designs PTU - and Mondays is the prefect kit for those days.
It has everything you need for rainin' days or just one of those blah days.
You'll love this kit- Purchase the kit HERE
I used the beautiful artwork of Zindy Nielsen and Duncan Long
Purchase Zindy Tubes HERE
Duncan Long no longer sells his tubes

Cluster tag and Cluster Frame
Download Frame HERE

CT Tag and wallpaper in three sizes

1024 x 576

1680 X 1050

1920 X 1080